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🔥 "Hottie"- Hand Warmer

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It's getting cold out there!!!

Based in London, we are stuck inside during the second lockdown and really value our outside freedom when allowed. It's getting crispy cold out there, so we have looked for a way to enjoy the outdoor, without the icy fingers! Hottie is the result of our hunt and it's so great, we now want to share it with you. Try it - you'll love it!

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The hand warmer is absolutely essential for the colder weather. I do like how it can be charged and . It can be easily charged with any usb connection. And has a good battery life . I do like the little screen telling you the temperature. Also it has a little torch great device.. . If you suffer from cold hands . This is perfect.


Winter is coming, so decided to buy this hand warmer for my cold hands. It is excellent size and perfect for my hands. Once it's fully charged can use for a long time, it's can choose the heat temperature from 40 to 60 degrees too. Really easy to use,may buy another one for my son.


It's the brilliant hand warmer which is very fast charging, easy to hold in hand, quick warm and can adjust the warm level. It's very useful when I go hiking. Honestly, I didn't know before that it can be a power bank as well.